More screencasts coming this week!

It’s been way too long since we’ve published any screencasts.  In fact, many of you have indeed noticed that we haven’t added anything new since our initial launch.  Right after we launched, we starting hearing rumors that there more dashboard changes coming in WordPress 2.7.  Radical changes.  And it does appear from a number of posts published over the last month, that there are indeed big changes coming

Are these changes for the better?  We’ll see. We’ve liked the evolution of the dashboard in the past, so there’s no reason to think that such a trend will change in the 2.7 release.

But it did throw us into a tailspin.  What do we do about our current set of screencasts?  We knew all along that we didn’t have the complete set that we wanted.  But should we throw our energy into adding more screencasts centered around the current dashboard despite knowing that their lifespan is limited?

After a lot of debating, we decided that we’re going to add more videos that support the 2.6 version of WordPress.  Those are the videos we’ll be adding this week.  Those will also be the last 2.6 screencasts we do.  In a week or two, we’ll start playing around with the 2.7 dashboard and will begin producing screencasts shortly therafter.  Screencasts for 2.6 will be always be around, in an archive category on this site.

That’s the plan.  For those of you who have said nice things about this site, thank you so much.  And for those of you who disappointed in not adding more screencasts right away, we’re sorry if we let you down.  It is our intention to be a resource you can count on for years to come.

More screencasts coming this week!